Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wuthering Heights

In Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, the main character is a shady guy named Heathcliff.  Right from the start, there seems to be a strange fate about him.  He is picked up by a well-off man named Mr. Earnshaw.  As readers, we are not told where he came from or why he was picked up.  He is treated badly by a boy named Hindley for being a "low-class" boy simply because of the way he looks.  We are told that he is dark, but not necessarily that he is black.  He remains a very mysterious character in that sense.

His fate, it seems, is not to succeed in the high-class life.  However, it seems to be proved throughout the novel that he is not governed by this fate.  As he falls in love with Hindley's sister, Catherine, he strives to become that superior type of person.  Mysteriously, he becomes wealthy, he develops a strong, tall stature that people submit themselves to.  But as Lockwood, the tenant who rents a place to stay at Wuthering Heights now under the ownership of Heathcliff, says, he is only respectable in his "dress and manners."  Therefore, after all, Heathcliff fell to fate.  

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